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2010-08-01 23:32:22 by blubfaceproduction

Today, August 1st, 2010, marks the end of the first whole year I've had on Newgrounds. I don't have much to show for it, only a score of 3.77! It's really a huge step for me to be able to have such a great score, and it shows that from here, I can only get better. So happy 1st birthday, blubfaceproduction!

8/1/09 -> 8/1/10


2010-06-28 17:59:30 by blubfaceproduction

Shapes, my Robot Day 2010 Submission, has been completely redesigned. A completely new idea altogether, but still a killer game. Here's the Background that I made for the game.

Now it's going to be a game where you guide creature to their portals, and push levers to get through all 25 levels of shapes.


Robo Day!

2010-05-23 13:22:09 by blubfaceproduction

Well, today marked the first day of work for my Robot Da 2010 submission. It's a decent platformer with a bunch of doo-dads and do-hickeys that make it look really cool, though, so I'm thinking it should get a decent score, roughly a 3.20. Anyway, I included a screenshot of help from our good president, Barack Obama.

Robo Day!

No Pico

2010-04-30 16:30:55 by blubfaceproduction

I had a plan, you see. I was going to work with mitosis, a rather good artist here on Newgrounds, but we started late. Very late. So, we weren't able to submit it in time for Pico Day. I didn't even have a Plan B, so I'm not gonna be ble to partake in the Pico Day fun. But seeing some of the other things that've already been submitted, I didn't stand a chance at winning anything.

It's out!

2010-04-24 17:28:05 by blubfaceproduction

Finished up work on Baller Blubface III WAAAAAAAY ahead of schedule. Since Pico Day is practically here, somehow I just willed myself to get it done, so I wouldn't have another huge project looming over my head. But you know, it's still some of my best work, even if other people don't agree. Recent submissions I've made have gotten really bad reviews, especially from one guy I know, RyanHarrison13. So I've decided that a good submission under my belt would help both my revenue, and my self esteem.

So anyway, here it is. The epic adventures of Baller Blubface the Third.

Baller Blubface III

2010-04-05 09:51:51 by blubfaceproduction

Work on my new game, the Adventures of Baller Blubface the Third(III) is going great. I'm working on it level by level, and right now I'm on about Level 7. With a planned release date of May 15th, work is going great, so by the end I'll be able to add more detail and shading to the mediocre artwork so far. So I included a screenshot of the gameplay,tell me what you think!

Baller Blubface III

I changed his name?

2010-04-01 14:01:07 by blubfaceproduction

Man, after all these years, I changed his name. Really? We've all always known him as I, but now, this?! God.

I is A Winner Agains!

2010-03-08 21:14:42 by blubfaceproduction

Well, I did it again. But this, time, I got a 1st place in battery bugy with mah bud ryanharrison13, and 3rd in road scholar wid mah bud who isn't on dis site. but i is proud of me selfs, and you shoulds be toos!

A Winner is Me!

2009-12-02 15:30:02 by blubfaceproduction

Hey, sorry I'm posting this so late, but this Nov. 21st, I participated in Science Olympiad. It's this competition where kids all around the reigon come together in a competition and compete in these different scientific events. I was in Shock Value, Battery Buggy, and Road scholar. I placed 2nd in Road Scholar and Battery Buggy and 10th in Shock Value. Road Scholar was this test where they quiz you about maps and stuff, and it wqas pretty hard. We only filled out half the questions, but still came in second!Battery Buggy was where you had to build a little car that ran only on electricity and had to stop at a certain place. There was a mix up with the score, and now the 2 6th-graders who also competed are angry at me adn my dad, because they thought we complained and made them give us a better score than them. But, it turns out there was a math error on there scxore thaty gave them a better score than us, which means we didn't cheat at all. On Shock Value, I placed 10th on a quiz that seemed pretty easy, but we failed epically, especially considering there were only 13 teams competing. But, it was fun, and I won my medals, so I'm happy.

Happy Birthday to Me!

2009-09-25 07:40:33 by blubfaceproduction

Yes, today,September 25, is my Birthday! I wish you all merriment in my delight! For you see, today is the day I shall finally get an i Pod Nano, instead of a crummy old 4G MP3 Player that doesn't even work. But anyway, today is also great because it's Friday! he Main thingy I like about my birthday is that my Grandma always gives me $50 on my birthday, because she's really generous. But the main reason this birthday is so special, is because it's my first birthday on Newgrounds! Since I joined on the 1st of August this year, I haven't had a single birthday before this one that I was on Newgrounds, or even YouTube, which is vastly inferior to this site. So, I just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday!